what is napp?

How Minecraft would look if it was made for next-gen consoles?

NAPP (Not Another Photorealistic Pack) is a free Minecraft resource pack with the objective of answer that question. It’s goal is to recreate with accuracy all the vanilla textures in HD, with a more realistic style but without loosing the ‘videogame’ stylized feel.

This project was born withing the community, it was ment to be free for everyone from the begining, and thats possible thanks to all of the amazing people that supports it via Patreon.

1 person project

Yep, that’s me! I like to unify the style across everything, (including the web) and thats why I’m the only one behind the ‘art and craft’.

But I don’t work alone! I have a wonderful team that has been by my side since the begining (mods, PR, programming), and thanks to all the people supporting the project, I can pay fairly every one of them for their job.

If you wanna know the team, just come to the Discord and say hi!

I’m currently working on some side projects too, that you can check out on the download page! All the side packs are going to be mostly thematic (in various styles) and will come for a very low price (~2$). All of them will be available for free for Patreon members tho!

Also, NAPP is full of work from another artists in the form of music vinyls and paintings! You can check all the songs made by the composer CHOLEY in our Youtube channel!

and much more!



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